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EnglandxReader~ Early Morning Rock Stars
As you walked on stage, thousands of cheers were heard from the crowd below. Grabbing the microphone in the middle of the stage, the crowd started to hush as you started to sing the first song. The moment of silence didn't last long though, as the chants grew spontaneously louder by the time the drums kicked in. 
Hoping not to lose this momentum of cheering (which at the end was deemed an impossible act), you began to sing at the top of your longs, feeling the adrenaline throughout the crowd rise to new heights. The bass and guitar cut in, officially beginning the start of another long, loud, and exciting concert. 
Parallel to the music that echoed within the stadium, another voice was booming through his own concert.
~~~5 hours later~~~
As the last of the songs ended, you quickly ran to your private dressing room covered in sweat. Charging in, you changed from your male outfit to your regular clothes and let your hair down from the itchy wig. Grabbing the VIP pass on
:iconricordare:Ricordare 38 8
RomanoxReader~ The Job| Part 11
The minutes felt like hours as the two of you dragged Feliciano on to the nearby mattress, your thoughts filled with a combination of confusion and betrayal. 
Feliciano had to be lying, he just had to be. There's only one person that it could be... You thought as you bit down on your lower lip, tasting the bitterness of blood start to drip onto your tongue. You could care less about it though. If anything, it was the only thing keeping you from losing face.
"______," You heard Lovino say as you looked up nervously. His face was obviously pissed, but it seemed to soften as he looked over to your fidgeting self. "Are you okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost."
"Eh? Oh, it's n-nothing. I'm just worried about your brother, that's all." 
He frowned, but proceeded to make sure there were no injuries on Feli. He checked everywhere, finding nothing out of the usual except for the occasional bruise or two. 
"Scar..." He muttered to himself. Connecting the pieces, he
:iconricordare:Ricordare 14 1
Model!IcelandxPhotographer!Reader~ Photo Shoot
"I told you, either show me something I know is capable of matching my standards, or get out. I don't need these self absorbed models or gaudy outfits in any one of my shots." You said bluntly, throwing the multiple profiles back onto the black desk. The supervisor glared, grabbing his belongings and storming out of the office. A loud sigh came from your assistant, who had listened to the argument and was currently cleaning the camera lenses.
"______, this is the sixth request this week you've rejected. You'll need to accept a job sooner or later." Toris said, a worried look on his face. You scoffed, taking a long sip from your drink off to the side.
"You're such a worry wart, T. Didn't I tell you in the beginning that this was going to happen a lot?"
"But still, if you weren't such an amazing photographer, we would have lost customers ages ago."
You chuckled. "It's actually my pickiness that keeps them coming, isn't it? And not to mention we still have quite a lot of money in the acco
:iconricordare:Ricordare 217 29
EnglandxReader~ A New Legend| Part 1
You woke up from a long restless sleep. As you tried to get back to sleep however, your uncle started calling you. 
" _____! Get yer lazy ass up to the kitchen! It's breakfast time soon!" 
You groaned as you reluctantly got out of your bed. You loved your uncle, but he was one to wake you up at the crack of dawn no matter what. 
As usual you brushed your (h/c) hair. Then with a wet cloth, you wiped your (e/c) eyes filled with blue speckles. You received this unnatural trait from your father. Putting on a beige dress that wasn't too fancy for a day of chores and a locked locket given by your mother, you walked to the kitchen.
Stepping into the kitchen, you found your uncle frying eggs. 'Wait, that's not good.' And a second later, the eggs caught on fire. 
"UNCLE!!! 'Cough' PUT OUT THE FIRE! 'Cough' 'Cough' " You yelled
as the smoke filled the room. "_____, DO THE 'Cough' WATER SPELL AND 'Cough' HURRY!" Your uncle responded from across the table. You quickly recited t
:iconricordare:Ricordare 25 8
CanadaxReader~ Sweet Encouragement
Urgh! You thought as a hit landed hard on your cheek, causing you to step back in recoil. Regaining back your stance, you started forward, throwing hit after hit to your opponent in front of you. Though they tried to block it, you managed to pounded in a number of punches that they eventually were trapped in the corner. Adrenaline burning through your body, you ignored the pain building up in your arms and continued raining down the punches in quick time, never letting your opponent regain there composure. 
After what seemed like just a few seconds of continuous strikes and jabs, you were forced back by the referee, who helped you realize that your opponent had already fainted, causing you to smile. 
"And the one continuing on to finals is...______ ______!" His voice called out loud and clear. Bringing you into the middle of the ring, he rose up your arm, causing thousands of cheers to ring out throughout the stadium. Though you were breathing hard and sweati
:iconricordare:Ricordare 42 1
ItalyxReader~ Refreshing Sketches
"Ve! This is just perfect for sketches!" The excited voice cheered, looking everywhere with delight. From the pretty blue skies over the green field to the single humongous stone pine tree overlooking the horizon, no other setting seemed to show such simplicity. You smiled, following your friend while holding the two of your notebooks.
"If only we didn't need to do it for next week's judging." You sighed, seeing him put the wide cloth on the ground. He smiled, sitting cheerfully on the ground.
"Just pretend it's not for a project this time, si? It'll be nicer if there's nothing to worry for." He spoke with optimism, seeing you sit beside him in his bubble. You let him retrieve one of the notebooks from yourself while picking out colored pencils from your pencil pouch.
"Ok, lets get going then." Letting your eyes drop to the notebook's emptiness, you pressed your pencil down slowly and let it glide smoothly in directions, forming simple outlines and texture. Quickly
:iconricordare:Ricordare 63 9
PrussiaxReader~ His Birthday
"Hey ______, hey ______, hey ______, hey _____-"
"What the fuck is it Gilbert?!" You groaned, slamming your laptop shut and turning your head towards the albino that was continuously poking your head. He smirked, his eyes sparkling deviously.
"You know what day it is today?" He asked, pointing to the well-placed calendar on the wall. You narrowed your eyes and looked at the dates.
"Laundry day? Grocery day? The day where you finally get laid-"
He shook his head. "Nein! And for that last comment, I have so gotten some!"
You opened your computer and put one of your earphones in. "Don't need to hear about your crazy sex life dude. We all know you sneak out your share of Ludwig's stash."
"Mein gott ______, this is why you haven't even gotten yourself a boyfriend yet. You're basically a guy yourself."
"I became like this because of you, remember? Hanging around you has it's side effects," You smiled. "Besides, I might get one sometime in the future."
"Kesesese, yeah right! Like when?" He la
:iconricordare:Ricordare 275 43
EnglandxReader~ Another Lifetime
"Get away from here Princess!" A voice called as you were tending to the garden. Looking towards the left, you saw a group of soldiers running into the sound of gunfire. Filled with worry, you quickly ran inside where your personal advisor, Arthur Kirkland, was talking to one of the head knights. As he looked up at you, an expression of relief was soon replaced by concern.
"We need to get you out of the castle Miss ______. Quickly, before they start advancing here."  He said, grabbing the map from the knight's hands. Leading you down to the kitchen, you were still confused about the situation.
"What's happening, Arthur? We haven't fought in any wars since a hundred years ago." You asked as the both of you walked through a dark passage hidden under the barrels of wheat.
"The damn Kingdom of the East has started staged a rebellion. The turned their bloody forces against us during our time of famine." He replied, his voice filled with hatred. You unconsciously rubbed your stomach. Fo
:iconricordare:Ricordare 98 20
2p!ItalyxReader~ Let the Knives Dance
"Hello miss, may I have this dance?" 
Turning your head, your were met with a pathetic excuse of a man. Not only did he need to lose quite a number of pounds, but his smile was oozing with fake courtesy. Reluctantly, you accepted, having no other choice than to walk over to the dance floor and taking his hands. You smiled, though your mind disgusted with how sweaty his palm was, and how low his other hand was placed. His eyes looked down at your cleavage like an animal, his feeble-minded brain traveling into rotten fantasies that made you sick. 
Concentrating on the slow, hypnotic music, you began to lead the dance steps while attempting to keep him occupied with keeping up with you. Left and right, stop and sway, twirl and repeat. Not quite a difficult dance for any simple person, but the stupid man was a gorilla with two left feet. By the time the song was starting its second verse, you had several red marks from where he had misstepped and a growing desperation to walk awa
:iconricordare:Ricordare 305 37
FinlandxReader~ After Christmas Eve
"Ah, what a long night." The Finnish man sighed as he landed his red sleigh on his rooftop, smiling as the reindeer started drifting off to sleep. Unhooking each of their reins, he watched them fly quietly into the stables nearby, going into each of their designated spots. He decided to leave the sleigh on the roof till morning.
Climbing down the chimney, his foot landed softly on the stone floor, happy that he had cleaned it before he left. As he climbed out, his black boots met with the familiar hard wood floor, a bit of noise in his quiet house. His eyes quickly trailed over to kitchen door, which a beam of light shown through the open crack. Walking slowly through the door, he looked over to the table and smiled.
"Oh dear..." He whispered, seeing your figure sleeping in the chair near a plate of untouched cookies. He gave a quiet chuckle, taking a bite of the slightly burnt treats, which he washed down with some warm milk. Taking a deep breath, he lifted you out of the chair and ca
:iconricordare:Ricordare 42 7
AustriaxReader~ Finding from a Sound
I guess this is the best I can do tonight. You thought as you looked around the moonlit objects around you. Though it was mostly trees to the east, you were so close to the main palace in the west that you were starting to have regrets even trying to play your instrument. But it took so long getting out without being caught, that you were determined now to finally begin playing again. Pulling a wooden violin and its bow out of its custom carrying case, you found a good clearing where you could play to your heart's content.

Closing your eyes, you let your memory take over the melody. A sad but strong song soon came into play, the same one that you had heard the old, soft spoken merchant humming in the middle of the bustling street. You smiled, the bow dancing along the strings of your memory, carefree with the placement of the notes. As the song started to slow down and create a whole new direction for itself, a crackle of leaves stopped you in your tracks.

:iconricordare:Ricordare 35 6
AustraliaxReader~ Dancing in the Snow
"Crikey," Jack said as he ran towards the cold window, his eyes twinkling with curiosity. "Is that really…snow?"
"Hm?" You questioned, putting your laptop aside to look out the window. Sprinkling slowly down was the familiar sight of graceful white flakes drifting onto the still earth. "Oh yeah, you've never seen actual snow, have you?"
He shook his head in reply. "Nope. Here and Australia have their differences, ______. Back there, we'd be tanning on the hot sandy beaches while cooking steaks on the barbie."
"Well, I'm just saying, this always happens around here in the winter." You responded, letting your attention drift off to the candle nearby. Suddenly, you were pulled by your hands and dragged to the front door, where it sat wide open, letting the cold air drift enter the cozy warmth of your home. 
The minute both your feet were in their snuggly boots, he lifted you into his arms and raced outside. 
"What the hell Jack! You big idiot!" You said, poundin
:iconricordare:Ricordare 100 15
JapanxReader~ An Unfading Love
"It is time for me to go, ______." He spoke to you with a soft tone, sliding his free hand into yours with a small blush. You nodded, a small sigh coming out our mouth.
"This full moon seemed to go by so fast, I didn't even notice." You said, a small disappointed smile on your face as you looked out to the calm, swaying ocean in front of you. Picking up the small bundle of sakura flowers with your free hand, you started plucking each of its delicate petals until they laid softly in both of your palms. Looking into his deep brown eyes, you smiled.
"Until next time?" 
He smiled. "Until next time."
In a smooth movement, you leaned your head closer to his, causing your two lips to touch. Dropping the petals into the ocean, a thin white glow surrounded his body, and soon covered his body. As you opened your eyes, he was not there anymore. 
In his place though, were two beautiful sakura flowers laying together.
:iconricordare:Ricordare 39 6
DenmarkxReader~ Winter Racers
"Okay, after this run, I will finally go home. No exceptions." You said to yourself as you slid on your black snow goggles. With a bit of a hopping, you managed to start down the hill, your body feeling the familiar rush of cold air. You smiled, happy this was quite a long run. When you saw a good clear path for yourself, you immediately stopped making large turns and went into smaller and smaller ones, causing the wind to blow in your face harder and faster. With a trail of flying snow at the back of your board, your speed was increasing as much as your exhilaration was. Dodging obstacles and other skiers/snowboarders that were soon in your way, you were now riding down the run faster than anyone nearby, and crowd at the lifts below could see that.
What you didn't know was that a certain two people of that same crowd were formulating a plan because of that same fact.
When you finally rode your way down all the way to the bottom of the run, you fixed your gloves and snow jacket before
:iconricordare:Ricordare 59 13
Agent!ChinaxAgent!Reader~ The Wild Chase
To understand the main plot, please start here in the intro:…
"I guess I'll go with...Yao." You said to the group. He probably was one of the more responsible persons in the group, maybe besides that British guy. But the way he acted with that other person, it didn't seem so.
"Okay then, I'll assign the rest of the groups. Um, Alfred and Ivan. How about you two go to-" Suddenly, your boss's voice was cut off but the sound of phone going off. He immediately picked up the phone, and listened in. The group of you saw his eyes widen as he nodded in response to the caller's voice. After a few minutes, he ended the call and turned towards the five of you.
"Yao, _____," He faced the two of you. "I've decided to send the two of you over to Chinatown immediately for investigation. Apparently there have been several policemen ov
:iconricordare:Ricordare 13 2
Agent!FrancexAgent!Reader~ The Wild Chase
To understand the main plot, please start here in the intro:
"I guess I'll go with...Francis." You responded to the group. He seemed like the type that you could somewhat keep track of easily. He grinned, looking at the Brit in triumph. Arthur just stared at him him with discuss and scoffed. After a few minutes of bickering between the two blonds, your boss finally sent the two of you out of the office to grab your stuff and get started on your mission.
Hm, maybe we should get some disguises? You thought as you grabbed a few stuff from your desk and started for Francis. As you walked towards his quarters, you found him flirting over with a female janitor. Seeing you approach him, he kissed the lady's hand and told her goodbye. She sadly nodded and proceeded to leave.
"Ah! Bonjour _____~ Have you decided what we should do yet?" He asked you, putting a phone and his wal
:iconricordare:Ricordare 17 2
Thank You... by jennyleigh :heart: Thank you for the favs Stamp by violetsteel :heart: Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123

If there are times where I can't go online for periods of time, just know I thank everyone who has favorited any of my stories or has watched me



The blue bond by kawacy The blue bond :iconkawacy:kawacy 11,460 252 Wally: Remastered by kawacy Wally: Remastered :iconkawacy:kawacy 11,178 305 2p! America  Nyo! America (Half Body Commission) by SakuraJenz 2p! America Nyo! America (Half Body Commission) :iconsakurajenz:SakuraJenz 38 11 Nordics and Yaoi by JazzLassie6020 Nordics and Yaoi :iconjazzlassie6020:JazzLassie6020 126 59
Accidental Encounter, LuxembourgxReader
    Your knee-high boots lent each step of yours a special sort of authority that you had become quite addicted to after you had moved onto your college campus. The easy zipper that went up the side meant you could sleep in just that minute longer you would have normally spent lacing up a pair of sneakers or converse, and the heavy sound your steps made gave you something to listen to on your way to the library from your early eight o’clock class. The campus was much more empty in the mornings, and a part of you enjoyed the time you got on the school grounds that was quiet and serene.
    In this early morning, you were comforted by the wind whistling through the trees, by the pleasant warmth of the sun hitting your face, and you were sure the only thing you needed in life was this, and that consistent thump, thump, thump, of your shoes on the paved sidewalks that ran throughout the campus.
    It had only taken you a week or two of classes to
:icondriftingnotes:Driftingnotes 34 24
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