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The minutes felt like hours as the two of you dragged Feliciano on to the nearby mattress, your thoughts filled with a combination of confusion and betrayal. 

Feliciano had to be lying, he just had to be. There's only one person that it could be... You thought as you bit down on your lower lip, tasting the bitterness of blood start to drip onto your tongue. You could care less about it though. If anything, it was the only thing keeping you from losing face.

"______," You heard Lovino say as you looked up nervously. His face was obviously pissed, but it seemed to soften as he looked over to your fidgeting self. "Are you okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

"Eh? Oh, it's n-nothing. I'm just worried about your brother, that's all." 

He frowned, but proceeded to make sure there were no injuries on Feli. He checked everywhere, finding nothing out of the usual except for the occasional bruise or two. 

"Scar..." He muttered to himself. Connecting the pieces, he turned to you, furious.

"It's that one friend of yours with the mattress, isn't it?" He asked, his demeanor hostile. "There's no way of denying it, he's somehow he's involved with all this." 

You shook your head rapidly.

"It can't be him, he doesn't have an incentive to not does jobs like this!" You reasoned with him. On the contrary, you were convinced that Tim had did it, from how Feli was left after the assault and the description that he gave afterwards. As a long time friend of his though, you felt that you needed to see undeniable proof. 

Then, there was the buzz.

If there was any doubt before, it had been cleared the minute at the message appeared on your phone. Pulling it out slowly and looking at the message, your heart stopped at the sight of the address sent by his number. You couldn't convince yourself anymore, he was on the other team.

This was becoming too complicated. All the tricks, the standings of your new allies, the standing of your old ones, it was becoming too confusing. It would be better if it was just you and the enemy, you and the objective, you and them.

Maybe, that was what would be needed to happen...

"Hey ______, get me something to drink. I just need to think right now." Lovino spoke up, making you jump slightly. You nodded, walking briskly out the door into the kitchen. You reached up to the top shelf for the glass cups, shaking nervously as the water from the sink filled it in an instant. At the edge of your eye you could see the medicine cabinet, most likely filled with medicines and tablets for every occasion; including what you needed.

You opened up the rusty cabinet and let your eyes spy a familiar green container sitting on its side. Picking it up, you opened up its lid and grabbed a couple of the small pills that laid inside. You closed your eyes and dropped them into the water, dissolving into nothing in an instant. You took a deep breath, and headed back to Lovino. 

"You're welcome." You said, looking slightly away from his gaze. He gave no hesitation as he grabbed the cup and downed the whole thing in one sitting. He didn't suspect anything until a the metallic taste set in, causing him to turn to you.

"I'm sorry, but I won't let you be involved with whatever this is any longer. I'll be fine, so just close your eyes and rest." You spoke with stubbornness. With a deep breath, you started walking to the door, ignoring any of the fading shouts he made from the living room. Walking out the door to the outside, the rays of the yellow sun quickly blinded your eyes until the shade of a large tree stood in your way. Under it sat the car, fueled up and ready to go. Taking the keys out of your pocket, you unlocked the door and started the engine.

This was now your fight, and your fight alone.


Lovino's POV

"Putting pills in my water, how low can she get!" I sat up suddenly, the feeling of drowsiness still intact. Looking outside, the bright sun had now looked like it was a bit dimmer than before. It had to be at least two hours since ______ had left.

Just what the fuck was wrong with her head?! Running out alone without anyone to help her, goddammit she's dumber than I thought! The thought raced through my mind, getting up from the spot on the cold wooden floor. Thank god that Feliciano was still here, laying on the mattress, completely passed out. There were very few strings left that I could hold on to. 

Looking through my options, the only thing I could do at that moment was to find out where ______ went and get some sort of transportation there. Running outside, I looked at the front yard that led to the dirt road. The car we had used before was used, no shit about that. But maybe, her relatives had a spare truck out back. 

Traveling around the house, my foot throbbing from the recent over exertion, I could have shit myself as I turned the corner. Laying in a pile of wood, hidden from first sight was him, quiet and dazed. 

God dammit, the shit he makes us go through. I'll just have to deal with the details later.
The thought went through my head, giving me a slight headache. Running towards him, my hands gripped his shoulders and shook hard. A creepy slowly opening of his eyes was all I needed.

"Hurry and wake up, Antonio. I need you and Feliciano to get ready while I found some kind of truck, you got it?" I demanded as I started walking back inside. When there as no response I turned around, only to see him standing still and his head face down.

"Hey, what the fuck's wrong with you?" I questioned as I walked slowly towards him. Silence. 

Suddenly, something connected with my face hard, knocking me to the ground like a rag doll.

"What the hell was that for, you fucking Spanish balls?!" I growled as I struggled to get back on my feet. I could already taste blood. Not good.

He started toward me, his eyes blurred out. His consciousness was still intact, but it seemed that he was being led into attacking me. After fully looking at his behavior, it became obvious.

Dammit, another dose of that fucking drug! I thought as I looked around, grabbing a nearby piece of wood. He's better asleep than awake anyway.

Turning back towards him, I rose my arms high and swung down. Though I couldn't avoid getting punched in the face a few more times, at least I was able to quickly hit him a couple more times before the shitty piece of wood broke. Flinging it to the side, I backed up slowly until a sudden pain rushed through my left shoulder. Looking down, a small needle poking out of my skin. Everything suddenly got hazy and dark and I felt the ground, blackness instant.

~~~Back to the Reader~~~

With a sputtery stop, the sound of the car soon died out as you parked vehicle in the alleyway opposite of your destination, away from pedestrians' obvious sight. With a sigh, you peeked through the head mirror, trailing the cuts and bruises aligned on your face. All this was taking a notable toll on you. You shook your head.

I might as well go in and finish it while I still look as half decent as I do now. You thought to yourself, looking at the building towering over the afternoon sun. Who thought that you were going to be here on different teams the next time you saw the wooden sigh in the front? 

Climbing out of the car, the sound of downtown ceased, no person nor animal in sight. Steps tapping on the concrete, the door gave open with a slight push, followed by the store bell ringing obnoxiously against the nervous atmosphere. Inside the store looked as normal as any other day, but with the most notable difference of the bookshelf that usually sat in the middle of the floor. In its place were stairs, leading down to pitch darkness. You looked down and gripped the gun that you had found in the car and proceeded forward, determinacy on your face. 

It was now or never.
RomanoxReader~ The Job| Part 11
The next chapter will have action for sure, I know it will!


Previous: RomanoxReader~ The Job| Part 10


Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu. Story by Me.


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